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A little about me

Woman at the cashier in a grocery store

Hi! My name is Heidi. I have been cooking, baking and juicing with a focus on health for over 30 years. I’m a huge advocate of the health benefits of Aronia berries. They are native to North America but have not been widely known outside of Native American culture. They were introduced to Europe because of their resistance to cold and frost and Poland remains the largest cultivator of Aronia berries. Since the 1970’s, they have gained popularity in southern Germany, Switzerland, and Austria and has been recognized as a “superfruit” and have become an extremely popular part of a healthy diet.


I am fortunate to be able to source 100% of my Aronia from an organic farm in Star, Idaho owned by a wonderful couple I met 5 years ago over a discussion about the berry. They were surprised I even knew what Aronia was. Today, Aronia is known for its nutrient-rich berries which contain vitamin K, folic acid, high ORAC, and numerous other vitamins. It also contains a powerful natural blend of polyphenolic antioxidants. Antioxidants combat free radicals in our body created by daily living, stress, pollution, medical x-rays and even exercise. Free radicals can damage cells that could lead to health problems that are beyond our control. A healthy lifestyle along with foods high in antioxidants like the Aronia berry and a balanced diet is our natural defense.

I bake and juice at a commercial, health inspected kitchen I lease at 11295 W Ustick Rd. The owner of that kitchen produces a delicious line of Salsa called A.J’s Salsa. A.J has helped me navigate the procedure of being inspected and certified for safe food handling practices and acquiring a Food Sellers Permit. I host a monthly outdoor, Saturday mini market with another baker from the kitchen we call "Pop-Up Bakery."


I also bake healthy, all natural Three Grain bread in the style I grew up with in Germany. I found it difficult to find fresh, healthy bread like every corner bakery in Germany would offer so I began baking for myself and some German friends. Now, Three Grain Bread is one of my most popular items sold at our Pop-Up Bakery with many customers returning for the bread.


In addition to bread I bake classic German specialty cakes by order like Schwartzwalder (Black Forest), Bienenstich (Bee Sting) and German Apple Cake. I also make other deserts varying week by week like Chocolate Red wine Cake, Cheese cakes, German Vanilla Crescent cookies, pies and fruit tortes.

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